Things are coming Along Nicely

2013-03-06 06:37:34 by terencebird1

Sorry for the big delay.My test ended today so I'll start working on Episode 1 of my series. There are some changes I've made,so here are they:

1: I've changed the title from Old Villains Return to Dawn Of The True Power.
2: I'll make a prologue in the 1st episode,as it is a sequel to or jmkrebs30's flash series Mario and Sonic Worlds In Danger.
3:New power ups will be added for all the characters.

Be happy and good luck!

Your's truly,


As you all know, I am working on the story of my 1st and new project so I wasn't able to talk and chat with you.But I have some news for you:

1st one: I have only worked out the Episode 1 and 2 scripts and now writing the Episode 3 scripts.So,this is the 1st update for you!

2nd one:You know Chakra-X? The owner of Sonic: Nazo Unleashed?This series and SMBZ by Mark Haynes inspired me and I kept on thinking that in the final episode,I will make a new character who will fight the villains Cackletta,Fawful Bowser and Eggman. Then I thought I make a fusion of Mario and Sonic.The name is MANDRIC! You've seen Shadic? And when I release the final episode, you'll see not Shadic but the fusion of Mario and Sonic a.k.a Mandric! I'm thinking how he'll look like!This is the 2nd update for you!

Yours truly,

Just joined but........

2012-12-13 09:41:10 by terencebird1

Hey guys, you must be thinking about who I am! But dont worry,you can check my deviantart account.

It's here:

My ultimate project is to make a flash sprite movie,Mario and Sonic Old Villains Return!

A sequel to jmkrebs30's series Mario and Sonic Worlds In Danger! I asked if he could animate the first episode of Old Villains Return.And you know what? He said "Yes,I will but only when I finish Episode 2 and 3 of Worlds In Danger!".This is the only update for you!